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Hi, I'm Tayah!  A freelance writer and music business student at Columbia College Chicago. I have a passion for both writing and music, and I have found a way to combine these two loves by writing about K-pop. I cover a wide range of topics, including music reviews, concert reviews, opinion pieces, and new music alerts.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was young, and now I am able to put that passion to use by writing about something I am also passionate about - music. My studies in music business have given me a unique perspective on the industry, and I am able to bring this knowledge and insight to my writing.

I am so grateful to be able to merge my love for writing with my love for music. Through my work, I hope to not only entertain and inform my readers but also share my love and appreciation for the K-pop genre.

My Latest Work

TXT's Best Party Anthem B-Sides

It’s been four years since TOMORROW X TOGETHER debuted with one of the most anticipated debuts of the 4th generation of K-Pop. In those four years, TXT has delivered countless hits that resulted in billboard number-one spots, viral TikTok trends, and milestone performances such as Lollapalooza Festival. As we celebrate TXT’s anniversary, let’s dance to these party anthem B-sides.

This underrated B-Side is perfect for any party. “간지러워 (Roller Coaster)” is a quick-tempo song incorporating sounds

BooSeokSoon Pump Us Up With Second Wind

Carats! We’ve come a long way since dancing to the first and only BooSeokSoon song for five years straight. Yes, five years, and we made it to see a BooSeokSoon comeback. Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi finally reunited as their quirky, upbeat, and fun unit of Seventeen for their first single album Second Wind.

BooSeokSoon, with the help of Lee Young Ji, took on the role of Carat’s biggest motivation. ‘Fighting’ is the energy-raising title track made to fight that morning drowsiness. ‘Fighting’ is the

[FRESH PICK] TWICE Shimmers With Pre-Release Single "Moonlight Sunrise"

TWICE has been solidifying their place in K-Pop history with consistent hits, outstanding vocals, and catchy rap verses. After their first English single, “The Feels,” TWICE decided to take up the challenge again.

“Moonlight Sunrise” upholds TWICE’s remarkable discography by pulling elements from their catalog, such as synths similar to “Feel Special.” “Moonlight Sunrise” is TWICE’s take on the city-pop/dance (or what the members describe as Miami Bass Pop) genre while incorporating components

[FRESH PICK] NCT Dream Brings Christmas Early With "Candy” Remake

Christmas must’ve come early this year because NCT Dream gave us the best gift. NCT Dream returned to their candy pop image for the first time in years with their remake of H.O.T’s legendary song, “Candy.”

Although this is a remake, NCT Dream made this song their own. Their rendition of the 1996 hit song was remodeled with their vocals perfectly. While keeping the song true to its playful 90s-style K-pop sound, Dream’s fresh and youthful voices helped bring H.O.T’s hit to a new generation of K-

[Review] Seventeen Turn LA3C Into Their Own Concert

A world tour, a sold-out dome tour, and two successful comebacks made up just some of the things Seventeen has done this year. Headling a music festival is one accomplishment Seventeen adds to their 2022 portfolio. LA3C took place on December 10 in Los Angeles, California. LA3C celebrates the culture, art, food, and music of LA. After being granted the Building K-ulture Bridges award, Seventeen took over the LA3C main stage to show the crowd what they're missing by not being a Seventeen Carat.

P1Harmony Unleash Superhuman Talents In Fifth EP Harmony: Set In

P1Harmony has had an exceptional year. From a tour to big celebrity collaborations, this sextet is closing 2022 with a bang. Harmony: Set In contains the exhilarating title track, ‘Back Down.’ Along with ‘Back Down,’ the EP includes five other songs that illustrate the members’ musical talents.

‘Back Down’ is a song that captures the fiery energy of P1Harmony and pairs it with a powerhouse performance that’ll tear the stage down. ‘Back Down’ is a rap-heavy track, so this gives the boys a chance

Le Sserafim Display Stunning Visuals In 'Impurities' Music Video

Le Sserafim have made their presence known as a top contender for The 4th Girl Group in the short time since their debut in May. The girls are breaking records on Billboard’s 200 and World Charts only six months into their careers. From iconic title tracks to addicting B-sides (we’re looking at you, ‘Blue Flame’), Le Sserfim are already making history. On November 13, they amazed their fans, FEARNOTS, with a music video so visually appealing we couldn’t wrap our heads around it.

‘Impurities’ is

VERIVERY Are Ready To 'Tap Tap' Into Our Hearts

VERIVERY is no stranger to capturing our hearts here at The Honey POP. After traveling around the world for their PAGE: O tour to meet their lovely Verrers, the boys are coming back! The seven-member group will be releasing their single album Liminality EP.LOVE on November 14, and the concept photos are absolutely adorable!

VERIVERY released the trailer for Liminality EP.LOVE on October 27; the trailer features each VERIVERY member answering the question, “What is love?” The members drop their

Fan Article: Top 5 ENHYPEN B-Sides That You Should Add To Your Playlist

ENHYPEN has tried different genres over the short span of their career. It was hard to narrow the best B-sides down to five, but these are the best songs for people new to ENHYPEN or those who want something new to add to their playlists

If refreshing were a song, it would be 'Not For Sale.' 'Not For Sale' is a bright breath of fresh air that captures a pop youth concept. The song highlights the vocals of each member perfectly. This song can brighten the mood on anyone's dimmest day. 'Not For S

10 K-Pop/K-R&B Songs You Need For Autumn

Autumn is the time for warm clothing, cold rainy weather, and pumpkin patches. Although Autumn may not be everyone’s favorite season, we have to admit the vibes are warm and comfy. What goes great with warm and cozy vibes? K-Pop! We have the perfect K-Pop and K-R&B songs that you need for Autumn.

An Autumn playlist without The song of Autumn? Yeah, no thanks. ‘Autumn Leaves’ is the ultimate song that belongs on any Autumn playlist. BTS‘ use of slow R&B makes the perfect song to pair with the co

Who is Woozi ? The Genuis Producer Behind Seventeen's Discography

Seventeen's discography is an encyclopedia of genres, fusions, and sounds, with four studio albums, twelve mini albums, and two repackaged albums. Behind these albums are a team of producers, composers, vocalists, and rappers. One of those producers is Seventeen member, Woozi (Born Lee Jihoon). Vocal unit leader, lead vocalist, and performance powerhouse, Woozi wears many titles, but the producer is one many are not aware of him harboring. From Seventeen's debut in 2015 to now, Woozi has produce

Le Sserafim is Unbreakable in Their First Comeback, "ANTIFRAGILE"

They're back, and this time they're antifragile. Le Sserafim released their 2nd mini album titled ANTIFRAGILE on October 17. This 5 track album conveys the hardships and challenges endured by the members Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin, Kazuha, and Eunchae. This Reggaeton-inspired title track, "ANTIFRAGILE," is a powerful, vibrant anthem about gaining and maintaining confidence and strength within yourself. Yunjin received writing credits for this firey anthem. The upbeat tempo with a catchy chorus of "

NCT 127 Takes You on a Ride with Their 4th Studio Album “2 Baddies”

It's been a week since NCT 127 released their 4th studio album, 2 Baddies. A week into sales, 2 Baddies became NCT's best-selling album after reaching 1.5 million sales. 2 Baddies is a Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, and Pop album.

The title track, "2 Baddies," is a 127-style song. There was an ambitious approach to "2 Baddies." 127 immediately hits you with the repetitive but catchy hook, " 2 Baddies, 2 Baddies, 1 Porche." The Hip-Hop elements fused with electronic sounds make "2 Baddies" perfect for 127.

Seventeen's Jun Shows He's the Master of Seduction in New Single "LIMBO"

Dark, seductive, and clad in leather, Seventeen's performance team member Jun showcased a new dark side in his digital single, "LIMBO." Just days after the sudden announcement about a new solo project, "LIMBO" was released on September 23. Co-written by Jun himself, "LIMBO" is about a secret inescapable place for lovers who are hesitant about true love. This secret place Jun refers to as his, "lost world" better known as his "Limbo." The dramatic chorus and the addition of a rock guitar add to t

Seventeen Wraps up First North American Tour Since 2020

Seventeen opened their show with their smash hit "HOT" to show carats a performance with fire, passion, and a giant flame thrower operated by performance unit leader Hoshi. Following "HOT," Seventeen performed "March," another fiery rock anthem from their Face the Sun album. The group then took it back to their album "An Ode" and performed the upbeat, energetic single "HIT" to close out the first portion of the concert. The medley of lively songs got carats out of their seats and ready to party

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