About Me

Hi, I'm Tayah! I specialize in crafting compelling narratives that captivate audiences across the digital landscape. As a dynamic professional at the crossroads of journalism and social media, I'm on a mission to elevate brands across diverse industries.

Currently immersed in the vibrant world of Music Business at Columbia College Chicago, with a minor in social media and digital strategies, I've mastered the art of transcending conventional boundaries.

From crafting stories that resonate deeply to deciphering invaluable data insights, my expertise lies in creating content that leaves a lasting impact and devising strategic approaches to foster community engagement and growth. With a skill set that spans content creation, data analytics, social media management, strategy development, community building, blog writing, and persuasive copywriting, I thrive on forging genuine connections and delivering tangible results.

Let's collaborate and innovate, igniting success together, regardless of the industry!

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My inbox is always open! You can contact me with the contact form here or with the details below:

Email: fox.tayah131@gmail.com

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